Our approach

We think of branding as a process of defining visual languages. It is never just about a logotype or a piece of packaging. In order to establish meaningful connections with people, the brand needs to clearly communicate its purpose. We achieve this by expressing brand personalities, stories and values through flexible visual languages.
We have put our own spin on conventional branding and came up with the ABC – approach we use to define brand visual languages.
Our process can be tailored depending on the size and special requirements of the projects, but the core principles of what we do will always remain the same.


To start with, we get to know your brand and people who interact with your product. We involve our designers right from the start as we believe that any little detail of the project might spark a creative idea. Moreover, we don’t have a set procedure for how this stage unfolds. Every brand is different, so we approach every project from a different angle. This flexibility allows us to think outside the box when it comes to research methods. Not only does this help us to fully understand the project, but it also makes us push the boundaries when it comes to strategy or, as we call it, the ‘blueprint’ stage.


Think of the sea of information around us nowadays. No wonder that only a few brands succeed in hitting the spot, they are brands with a clear purpose and defined positioning. During this stage of our process we plan and strategise to define your brand’s positioning, which becomes the basis of all the work that follows. We translate our blueprints into the visuals to ‘bake the strategy into’ the visual language right form the start of the ideation, which (drumroll) comes next!


Not to say that research and strategy aren’t important, but the ‘creation’ is surely the most exiting part of our process. This is when all the thinking comes together and ideas take shape. Customer journey doesn’t stop where our brief does, so we explore how far we can push it. We bring the ideas to life together with our clients and make sure they are crafted to the highest standard and implemented accordingly. The end result, whether a piece of packaging or a website, tool of visual language that our clients use for the ultimate brand expression.